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eMapshop basic features  Digital Classroom Maps

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            Introductory Video
Our K-12 Projection Classroom Map Collection include the following products
         Basic Primary Maps & Charts
         State specific Curriculum specialty maps (not for all States)
         Large Collection of World and U.S. History Maps
         GIS based layered World, US and State specific maps
Updated version contains more Common Core Maps
Now Curriculum Admins can install versions for different grade levels
         Klett-Perthes Interactive Digital World Atlas DVD
Note: Upgrade to v3.2 now if you have upgraded to Adobe Reader v11 or Acrobat DC!!

• New v 3.2 works with Adobe's new Acrobat DC

Network ready

• Easy to install

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one price covers your WHOLE school

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Features and Benefits
bulletPay for it once and you own it forever
bulletSchool site licensed package accessible to all Teachers and Students
bulletSimple menu system to select your map
bulletLarge selection of tools & features with Adobe Reader like typewriter, highlighter, pencil and sticky notes etc. are enabled to give you the opportunity to update and edit your map to meet specific curriculum or lesson plans.
bulletSpeed very fast layer changes and map appearance from menu
bulletEdit and save your mark-up maps for future lessons or to include in Power Point presentations.
bulletPrint student copies
bulletCompatible with Smart Board or Promethean Board
bulletYour existing curriculum specific digital maps can be integrated into your custom package
bulletOver 600 base maps to choose from and the possibility to create the exact map you need for your lesson with thousands of layer variations available with our interactive layered PDF or GIS map series.
bulletJust updated and added 30 map to most section. Please check maplists for changes
bulletInstall on your network or individual Computers
bulletNew, available June 2014, single user packages from $199 to $500

 We still carry a wide variety of spring roller maps

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